Using Zapier for HubSpot Deal Stage change messages to Slack
Using Zapier for HubSpot Deal Stage change messages to Slack

Zapier's Limitations

Before we start, we should point out that there are a few limitations of using Zapier for HubSpot deal change notifications:

  1. Zapier will only be able to provide the updated value of the field that changed. eg: If the stage changed from In Negotiation to Contract Sent, you will only be able to notify on the new stage value of $100
  2. Zapier won't provide formatted values. So dates, numbers and currencies (for example) won't have proper formatting
  3. Zapier has no shortcut to insert a link back to the actual HubSpot record
  4. If you have multiple deal updates notifications set and they all fire at once you will get multiple messages (ie: Zapier won't combine them for you)
  5. The Zapier set up process is complex, with quite a few steps, and you will likely need a Zapier admin to assist

The GetHarold App for Slack solves all of the above issues, with notifications for deal changes set up in one easy step. See here for more details.

Zapier Process

Step 1. Add the Apps in Zapier

Ensure that you have connected both HubSpot and Slack as apps in Zapier:

Zapier Apps List with HubSpot and Slack

Step 2. Create a new Zap

Hit the Create Zap button to create a new zap:

Zapier Create Zap button

Step 3. Add the HubSpot trigger

For this zap you will want to choose the confusingly named (because it works for existing ) New Deal Property Change trigger event:

Zapier HubSpot new deal Property change event

Step 4. Select HubSpot account

Make sure that you are connected to the right HubSpot account:

Zapier Choose HubSpot Account for Trigger

Step 5. Select the trigger property

Make sure that have selected the stage property in the trigger Property Name field:

Zapier HubSpot Deal Change Trigger

Step 6. Test the trigger

To test the trigger, update the stage field on a deal in the connected HubSpot before hitting test. It should return the deal record:

Zapier Test HubSpot Deal Trigger

Step 7. Create the action

Now set up an action against the relevant Slack account with an event type of Send Channel Message:

Zapier Send Slack Channel Message Action

Step 8. Select Slack account

Make sure that you are connected to the correct Slack account:

Zapier Choose Action Slack Account

Step 9. Define all action details

OK, this part can get quite daunting, as there are 13 (!!) different parameters you can set within the action. The only ones you have to set are the Slack channel and the message though, so make sure you're happy with them:

Zapier Slack Action Message

Step 10. Time to test

Phew, we've finally made it. Go into your HubSpot account and make a change to a deal's stage property. You should see a message like this (note that Zapier won't format date, currency or stage fields for you):

Zapier Slack Message

Simplify things with GetHarold

If you'd like to achieve the above whilst...

  1. Also being able to notify on what the stage field's previous value was
  2. Having date, currency and stage fields auto-formatted
  3. Having a link back to the deal record automatically included
  4. Having any update notifications for a single deal combined into one notification
  5. Only having to complete one simple form
... then try GetHarold for free today. Details, sign up button, and a demo video below.

GetHarold Notification Form

GetHarold Notification Form

Example GetHarold Notification

GetHarold HubSpot Deal Change Notification

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