Once your GetHarold app for Slack is correctly set up, you are able to search for deals, contacts and companies straight from Slack using the /harold slash command.

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/harold help List all commands available to your account
/harold my deals Search for your own open deals
/harold deal <QUERY> Search for deals matching your query. eg: /harold deal upsell
/harold contact <QUERY> Search for contacts matching your query. eg: /harold contact johnson
/harold company <QUERY> Search for companies matching your query. eg: /harold company walmart
/harold invoice <QUERY> Search for invoices matching your query. eg: /harold invoice safeway
/harold overdue List overdue invoices. eg: /harold overdue or /harold invoice overdue
Note that these commands can also be made directly (without the /harold) as a direct message to @GetHarold.
Please note that commands like deal and invoice/overdue require connection of a relevant system. eg: If searching for deals a CRM (such as HubSpot) must be connected.
Example - Searching Contacts
Searching is a two step process. The initial search will return any relevant results, searching any relevant systems that you have connected.

eg: In this case, the contact search /harold contact mo searched both HubSpot and Intercom...
GetHarold app for Slack contact search results
By clicking the Full Profile button we pull back details from both systems, and are presented with links to each...
GetHarold app for Slack contact profile
Configuration (using HubSpot as an example)
By default, the most common attributes will be used when searching for deals (Name), contacts (Email, Last Name) and companies (Name).

If you have other, or custom, attributes that you would like to include when searching, you can configure the HubSpot integration to include them.

From the Account Configuration page, click the edit (pencil) icon to edit the HubSpot integration...
Edit HubSpot search settings in the GetHarold app for Slack
As an example, to add Deal Description as a field searched for deals, simply start typing the attribute name, and use the autocomplete (arrow right) to select the word...
Add deal search attribute for HubSpot to GetHarold app for Slack
Then hit ENTER or the add (plus) icon to add it...
Added HubSpot deal search attirbute in GetHarold app for Slack
Hit SUBMIT to update the integration, and going forward deal searches like /harold deal safeway will search Deal Description as well as Deal Name.

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