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GetHarold app for Slack installed in your Slack workspace
Marketplace install access for HubSpot (speak to your HubSpot admin if you are unsure)
Set Up
1. Sign into GetHarold with Slack

Click the Sign in with Slack button to sign in and complete configuration:

Sign in with Slack

2. Connect HubSpot from the Configuration page

Click the CONNECT button for HubSpot:
Connect HubSpot to the GetHarold app for Slack
Follow the prompts from the service you are integrating to allow the required access.

3. You're done!

That's it! Confirm a successful HubSpot connection via the Connected tag, but you are ready to start using the GetHarold app for Slack.

Connected HubSpot Integration

4. A note on access

By default, access to use the /harold command to search data from an integration you have connected will be restricted to GetHarold admins, and anyone you add from the users page.

This is indicated on the configuration page by the user count you can see in the above image.

If you wish to open up access to other users, or to open up the integration to everyone in your Slack account, click the user count to access the user access page for that integration.

Note that if restricted access is on, you will need to grant access on a per user basis.

HubSpot Integration Access

5. Testing

To test the set up, go back to Slack and (in any channel) try one of the relevant slash commands...
/harold my deals Search for your own open HubSpot deals
/harold deal <QUERY> Search for HubSpot deals matching your query. eg: /harold deal upsell
/harold contact <QUERY> Search for HubSpot contacts matching your query. eg: /harold contact johnson
/harold company <QUERY> Search for HubSpot companies matching your query. eg: /harold company walmart
Note that these commands can also be made directly (without the /harold) as a direct message to @GetHarold.

Notifications can be set up for HubSpot deal events (changes, closed won/lost, new deals).

Click here for details on notifications set up.

Data Flows
GetHarold works with an "only as needed" methodology when it comes to data flows. As HubSpot has an excellent search API, all /harold searches are done directly against HubSpot, so if you only make use of search, no data will be stored on the GetHarold side.

For notifications, GetHarold will sync a snapshot of relevant objects and properties (eg: if you want to be notified of deal amount changes, then the amount deal property will be sync'd). This allows not only change notification, but notification that includes both the old and new values.

You can confirm what access GetHarold uses upon connection, when authorizing...

Grant access to HubSpot to the GetHarold app for Slack
All data flows (GetHarold does not update HubSpot data)...

HubSpot data flow for the GetHarold app for Slack
1. Data retrieved, but not stored, for search
2. Data only pulled if required for notifications, and then targeting required properties only
3. HubSpot user information pulled to enable access restriction, and personal (eg: my deals) commands
Data Deletion
GetHarold accepts (and processes) privacy deletion requests from HubSpot automatically, and deletes any stored data automatically when the HubSpot integration is disconnected.

Contact [email protected] if you have questions, or require assistance, with this.

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