Getting Started
Getting Started

Getting started with GetHarold is super simple. There are some things you'll need before you begin though.


Access to install GetHarold app on Slack workspace
Relevant app/marketplace install access for each integration (eg: HubSpot, Intercom, Xero) you would like to enable


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1. Install the GetHarold app for Slack

Navigate to the sign up page and click the Add to Slack button, or click below...

2. Grant the GetHarold app for Slack the access it needs

After reviewing, click Allow on the GetHarold is requesting permission... page you are taken to...
Authorize the GetHarold app in Slack

3. Confirm a successful install

If installation was successful, you will be taken back to the GetHarold site, and should see the message:

The GetHarold app for Slack has been successfully added to your account. Please sign in with Slack now to complete the app configuration.

Confirmation of a successful install of the GetHarold app for Slack

4. Sign in with Slack

Click the Sign in with Slack button to sign in and complete configuration:

Sign in with Slack
Click the Allow button on the GetHarold is requesting permission... page land on to complete the sign in...

Authorizing the GetHarold app for Slack

5. Connect integrations relevant to you (eg: HubSpot, Intercom...)

Click the CONNECT button against the integration you want to add:
Connect Integration
Follow the prompts from the service you are integrating to allow the required access.

6. You're done!

That's it! Confirm a successful HubSpot connection via the Connected tag, but you are ready to start using the GetHarold app for Slack.

Connected HubSpot Integration

7. A note on access

By default, access to use the /harold command to search data from an integration you have connected will be restricted to GetHarold admins, and anyone you add from the users page.

This is indicated on the configuration page by the user count you can see in the above image.

If you wish to open up access to other users, or to open up the integration to everyone in your Slack account, click the user count to access the user access page for that integration.

Note that if restricted access is on, you will need to grant access on a per user basis.

Connected HubSpot Integration

8. Testing

To test the set up, go back to Slack and (in any channel) try one of our slash commands.

GetHarold app for Slack slash command

Ready to try GetHarold for Free?

Get started by adding GetHarold to your Slack account (you will be taken to Slack to authorize access):

Please note that if you are seeking access to an existing GetHarold account, you will need to talk to one of your admins.

Try for free

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