Deep Dive on the GetHarold Xero Integration for Slack

With the breadth of our offering spanning multiple integrations, it can be easy to lose sight of how much value each individual integration offers, even when used independently of the others.

This is particularly the case with our Xero integration, as no other apps exist in the Slack App Directory to make life easier for Xero users who use Slack as their company chat client. In this post we’ll take a closer look at what GetHarold’s Xero integration offers.


For those of us who’ve spent a lot of time working in Xero, accessing up to date information on contacts and invoices is key. Outside our own enquiries, we are usually bombarded with requests for updates from sales and operations constantly, especially near quarter end. Quick, easy access to the data we need - in the place we spend most of our time - is a huge time saver, and this is exactly what you get with GetHarold, via the /harold command.

/harold contact <query>

Search contacts from any Slack channel by name with the contact query:

Xero Contact Search

/harold invoices <query>

Search invoices (by number or contact name) from any Slack channel by name with the invoice query:

Xero Invoice Search

/harold overdue

You can also get a list of all overdue invoices with the overdue query.

Xero Overdue Invoice Search

Enabling Colleagues

I mentioned the time sink that requests for invoice updates from your colleagues can be. GetHarold can help here, as you have the ability to give access to the /harold command to colleagues who don’t have Xero access to allow them to look up basic invoice information like due date, status and amount paid.


Search is great for getting you information when you want it, but what about keeping you up to date about invoice updates as they happen? This is where GetHarold invoice notifications come in handy.

With zero code, and minimal configuration, GetHarold allows you to set up notifications for key invoice updates. You can get real time Slack notifications when:

  • A new invoice is created
  • An invoice attribute is changed (eg: any time a due date is updated)
  • An invoice attribute is changed to a specific value (eg: when an invoice status is updated to Paid)

Xero Invoice Notifications

Enhanced Contact Data

Whilst there is no need to leverage other GetHarold integrations when using the Xero one, doing so will greatly enhance contact data in searches, as GetHarold will combine data in result details from all connected systems:

Xero Contact Details With HubSpot></p>

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If you use both Slack and Xero for work, the GetHarold app for Slack can make your life a lot easier. Click below for more information on how it works, and details on how to get started. Click the chat icon at the bottom right of the screen if you'd like to talk to us.

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