Work from "Digital" Home

Whilst the “work from home” revolution had been brewing for many years prior to COVID, with tech startups in particular having embraced a remote first mentality for cost and talent acquisition reasons before our lives were upended by the virus. Today, it is truly mainstream, and while the motivations of some companies to jump on the bandwagon sometimes come into question, reports of increased productivity have surprised many.

A study commissioned by Owl Labs reported that around 90% of respondents felt more productive from home, an environment in which they are most comfortable, and most familiar with. For those of us who have spent time in an office, this comes as little surprise. While we wouldn’t deny the social benefit of face to face contact with our fellow employees, the opportunity for focussed work is nowhere near as high as it is at home.

Your employees’ digital “home” is as important as their physical one

At GetHarold, we realized that this is something that extends to an employee’s digital work environment as well. If we take a Sales Rep as an example, the digital “home” they live in during work hours is increasingly complex, as more and more products are introduced to ensure that every last ounce of productivity is extracted during the sales process. Communication, Lead Generation, CRM, Finance, Product/Support and Analytics tools all vie for their attention, and while they all have something to offer in helping with what matters - closing deals - the context switching required can be draining, and even the death by a thousand cuts of multiple logins and browser tab loads add up to non trivial portions of their working day.

Your employees’ digital “home” is your internal chat application

The need to use multiple tools will not go away, but there is a huge benefit in allowing your reps to work from a digital “home” as much as possible. In most organizations today, this home is their chat app. It’s the major medium for internal communication, which is the most prevalent form of communication for the vast majority of employees. This is true even more so now that employees are physically working from home at much higher rates.

How can your reps easily access the information they want and need?

So, continuing our example of a Sales Rep, how do we leverage the above to make their lives easier. Well, one of the most critical aspects for closing deals is access to information. Information can be provided to reps as a ”pull” (eg: when they look up information on a prospect before a call) or as a ”push” (eg: when they are notified of a crucial change in information affecting one of their deals). The harder it is to do the former, and the less prevalent instances of the latter are, the harder it will be for them to close deals.

This is where the GetHarold app for Slack comes in. Searches from Slack hit multiple systems, pulling back a complete picture without the need to manually aggregate results. They also allow users to pull data from systems that they might not be licensed to access directly. Not only does this save them time, but it has a knock on effect of saving other team members time. For example, how much time does your Finance team spend answering questions on invoice statuses?

GetHarold in Action

The GetHarold app for Slack also allows no code configuration of notifications of key data. This benefits Sales leaders in particular, as they can easily configure a feed of pipeline updates that matter to them. Find out instantly when a deal is pushed into the next quarter, or has its amount halved. Motivate the team, and celebrate together, when deals are won.

The world has changed. Working from home is here to stay. When done right, benefits are shared by both employees and the companies they work for. Just as in the physical world, this can be extended to an employee’s digital world as well. Get your sales, marketing and support staff the information they need, in the place they spend most of their time. GetHarold can help.

Close more deals, and provide better support for your customers, by adding GetHarold to your Slack account. Get started right now by clicking the button below to install (GetHarold is completely free for one user, no credit card required).

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