Xero Invoice Search Improvements

After hearing feedback from users that poor visibility of overdue Xero invoices is a major pain point, we’re happy to announce some improvements to the existing invoice search, as well as a brand new command specifically for this purpose.

Xero Invoice Search Updates

For the existing Xero invoice search slash command:

/harold invoice [query]

We’ve made some tweaks to the search results, and invoice details messages. If an invoice is overdue, you will now see a warning icon, as well as the count of days overdue in both the results:

GetHarold Xero Invoice Results

And the invoice details page:

GetHarold Xero Invoice Details

New Overdue Invoice Command

For quick access to a list of all overdue (AR) invoices, we have added a new slash command:

/harold overdue

This will list up to 20 overdue invoices (with most overdue listed at the top):

GetHarold Overdue Xero Invoice Results

If more than 20 overdue invoices exist, it will provide a link to the Aged Receivables report for full details:

GetHarold Aged Receivables Quick Link


Feel free to use the website chat (bottom right) to give us feedback on the new command, and let us know what you’d like to see next!

For more details on the GetHarold app for Slack - including details on the other integrations we offer - you can check out our listing in the Slack App Directory. If you have questions, just click the chat widget at the bottom left of the screen.

To get started for free right now, just click the below Add GetHarold to Slack button.

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