Stay on top of deals with Contact Activity Notifications

Success in sales is so heavily dependent on timing. Missing an email when it arrives, or turning up to a meeting a little late, can cost you that deal. At GetHarold, our goal has always been to provide you with both the information you want, and the information you need, in a timely manner.

When it comes to dealing with contacts during a deal process, you are competing with a hundred other priorities for moments of focus on your product, and the value you can offer. Efforts to force that, through phone calls or emails, are often fruitless, but timing is everything. If you can get visibility of the times your prospects are thinking about your product, you can greatly increase your chances of success.

That’s crazy, I was just thinking about your product!

HubSpot Contact Activity Notifications

This is where GetHarold contact activity notifications come in. With one simple step (just choose a channel to send the notification) you can set up slack notifications that alert you when:

  • A contact visits your website
  • A contact opens your email
  • A contact clicks a link in your email

Contact owners are automatically tagged in the Slack messages, bubbling the most important messages to the top.

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Setting things up

If you’ve already installed our Slack app, and configured HubSpot, then setting up a Contact Activity Notifications takes seconds.

1. Navigate to Notifications

Simply navigate to the Notifications page in your GetHarold account and click the plus icon to create a new notification.

2. Choose the Contact Activity Type

Choose the Contact Activity type (note that if you don’t see this type, it means you haven’t connected your HubSpot account, go back to the Configuration page to do so).

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3. Pick the Activity Type and Slack Channel

Now you just need to choose an activity type from the list, and pick which Slack channel to post the notifications to.

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HubSpot References

Whilst most HubSpot users will already have the HubSpot side configured for website visit and email tracking, here are the relevant HubSpot articles for correct configuration:

The GetHarold Slack App for HubSpot is free to try, and allows you to search and monitor your entire HubSpot pipeline. Click below to learn more.

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